Destination Weddings and Honeymoons

Enjoy your destination weddings and/or honeymoon, romance or anniversary travel with Classic Vacations. Their tip tier service coupled with four star and above resorts make it a simple decision to book your vacation.



Melia Hotels Puerto Vallarta


MeliĆ” Hotels International hopes that you enjoy your stay in Puerto Vallarta and would like to welcome you to their 4 star Puerto Vallarta hotel for your wedding and honeymoon.

Princess Cruises

For the Love of Music

Lavish Hotel Made of Salt

The Palacio de Sal, located in Bolivia, took two years to reconstruct after being dismantled in 2002 and almost everything is built from the salt flat. This includes the chairs, tables, beds and even the swimming pool and golf course. The hotel has 16 twin rooms and 8 double rooms, a sauna, steam room, whirlpool and of course, their own saltwater baths.

Princess Cruises is the “Love Boat”

Hotels Linens and Microchips

Hotels loose a lot of money with stolen linens such as robes and towels. Now they are using technology to assist with the detection of those missing items.


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